Banking Operations

Remote Electronic Banking Service

Our branch in Georgia is always by your side. Your company’s transactions will be performed comfortably by yourselves or by your staff without visiting our bank. Our product, Bank-Client gives the opportunity to implement money transfers, currency exchange transactions and checking your accounts from your office. Besides you will be able to give authority of banking transactions to your staff with concrete desired user rights.

Money Transfers and Remittances (Received/Sent)

Ziraat Bank gives the opportunity to make money transfers quickly, safely and cheaply through our network in 17 countries worldwide, including Turkey. Moreover with the Bank’s quite extensive correspondent network through all over the world.

Perform money transfer operations in GEL through the RTGS system and international bank transfers by SWIFT system under the reliability of Ziraat Bank.

You can perform money transfer and remittance transactions from your office by our product Bank-Client.

Currency exchange

We provide favorable conditions with respect to purchase and sale transactions of GEL and foreign currency (USD / EUR / TRY). And under the reliability of Ziraat Bank.

You have the opportunity to perform foreign exchange transactions without leaving your office.

Salary Payment Service

We perform corporate salary payment for your company’s staff with the most proper condition and high quality service.

We serve to your employee by issuing ATM card and proper loan products.

Cash deposits to accounts (USD/EUR/TRY) - 0,15%

* Our Bank's Credit installments and commission cash payment fee – 0%