Loan Products

Commercial Loan

We are ready to provide you with financial support for increasing your business and your new investment in GEL and USD. And besides with very proper interest rates. In case you need financing, please  do not take any decison without our consulting.

You can use the commercial loan limit in Georgia, approved in our Turkish branches, without providing any other collateral.

Loan - (Monthly payment and decreasing principal amount)

  • Loan term- maximum loan period up to 60 months,
  • Loan currency in GEL, USD and EURO,

Types of collateral: Personal guarantorship, hypothec of real estate or the credit limits approved at the branches of Ziraat Bank in Turkey.

Credit Line:

The credit line allows to support your financial needs with overnight interest rates within the limit allocated to you which gives you the opportunity to increase your reputation in your business life. According to the business interests, you can freely dispose the funds at the desired time interval – from one day up to one year. The interest benefit will be accrued only at the used amount of the credit line.

Types of collateral:

Personal guarantorship , hypothec of  real estate or the credit limit approved at the branches of Ziraat Bank in Turkey. Visit our branch to get a favorable interest rate for you.

Bank Guarantees

In order to ensure your requests we are ready to prepare a written or electronic letter of guarantee under reliability of Ziraat Bank and favorable conditions in Georgia, Turkey or in many other countries.

Types of collateral: Cash cover, hypothec of  real estate and credit limits approved at the branches of Ziraat Bank in Turkey.