Vision Mission

Our Vision

The bank which is reliable and widespread all over the world and in Georgia, offers the same quality service, the bank for everyone and every sector. The bank which sees its customers and human resources as its most valuable assets. The organization that continuously makes a difference and creates value in a way that befits its deep-rooted past and at the same time serves as a model for its competitors. The bank promises its customers to be more than a bank at every stage. The Bank which with its universal, reliable and high market values is always a leader bank.

Our Mission

To be a bank that understands customer needs and expectations, thereby offering them the best solutions and value recommendations from the most appropriate channel; a bank that brings to every segment of society a wide range of products and services in the fastest, most effective way through its extensive network of branches and alternative distribution channels; a bank that operates with profitability and productivity at global standards by recognizing its ethical values and social responsibility; a bank that holds customer satisfaction to be more important than anything else.

Our strategy:

  • To be a “Moral Bank” that derives satisfaction and happiness from working with its customers
  • To provide universal service at the same high level of quality everywhere in the world,
  • To ensure the sectoral distribution of portfolios of corporate customers,
  • To proactively manage the credit portfolio through more effective credit  policies and procedures,
  • To provide advice for more efficient work and cost-wise management,
  • To proactively manage credit quality through more effective credit processes,
  • To ensure effective business and expenditure management.